Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My favorite sport: SOFTBALL

Softball is one of favorite sports ever! since i was in primary school until now, and sports have been part of my life.. but now i wanna  share with u guys about the sport that truely had put the memories that i NEVER forget...
I start playing softball since i'm in form 2 and represent my school for this game as well.. Then after finish high school i continue playing softball for my polytechnic plak.. i never felt so relief in my life when i play sports although my study life really pack...sometime i finish class at 5 or 6 and i'll run back to my room to change my cloth then went down again to the field for training...and finish training around 7.30pm, i only have few hours to rest and eat then i'll need to do my assignment and study..

The position that i play are either short stop or left field..but, i more prefer to play short stop because it is more challenging, heheh...I think i had learn and become more skillful when i play in polytechnic because there's a coach teach me and the senior player as well...i become more confident in this game too.. So, now.. i'll like u guys to check it out these picture's:

burn skin! but i don't mind.. i enjoy play it..

batter on deck..
training on throwing..
prepare b4 start game..

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