Monday, August 9, 2010

STRESS month

today: 9/8/2010
the second time my final project proposal been rejected! it just left 19th days before the event date.....i'm so stress  and down rite now ...but actually the part that been rejected is the finance only because the budget that we put for total cost is around RM5k but the actual budget is RM2k only for the total of operation cost! the stupid * didn't read the whole proposal and claim that we are over budget, but who care's coz we use our own money and didn't ask any penny from him.. aaggrhh!! stupid *...
 but thank god for ibu and tom hansen's support, i stand to be strong again for the group... insyaallah..everything gonna be fine again... it is normal when we planned something but not running smoothly as we desire... hurmmmmm... i really hope for strength and bless from GOD for this event will going well...

The proposal that been rejected!

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